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Xochimilco Archaeological Museum

The museum is located in Santa Cruz Acalpixcan, which in Nahuatl means “where canoes are cared.” It is one of the few aquatic places left in Lake Xochimilco. Important petroglyph or engraved stones with diverse religious simbolisms have been found, since it was one of the most relevant places in prehispanic time, besides it was the food supplies center.

The museum has 6,000 clay pieces and stone pieces shaped for preColumbian villages and graphite from Teotihuacan culture. Xochimilco was one of the great five lakes which integrated Tenochtitlán city, the other four ones were the lakes of Xaltocán, Zumpango, Texcoco and Chalco; thus, water culture and its products is really noticeable on the found vestiges. In addition to this, it has one historical collection of mammoths and offers different workshops aimed at children so they can reflect through art what they saw and learned in the museum.

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Av. Tenochtitlan s/n, Col. La Planta Santa Cruz Acalpixca.