Xochimilco Ecological Park & Boat Launch

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The Xochimilco Ecological Park is a park of some ​165 hectares and covering much of what most people consider the canals and chinampa system for which Xochimilco is famous. Aquatic humid areas are largely built up with the agricultural chinampas. The park also has a good deal of temperate forest land. Agricultural land is used for the growing of vegetables, ornamental plants, hollows, pines and eucalyptus trees. Wildlife includes birds, insects, rodents, snakes and rabbits. The park also provides an important point for migratory birds.

The axolotl, a characteristic amphibian of the canals in the region, provides a focal point for all the conservation efforts in the region. As it is part of one of the area’s most visited parks, and indeed, one of the most visited part of the city, efforts have begun to pay off.

Many visitors come simply for the convenience of ample parking and plenty of space. Unlike some other boat launch areas, this one also lets visitors learn about the delicate balance between humankind and the environment being preserved here.

Canal Boats

Most trajinera trips from the boat launch at Xochimilco Ecological Park have an environmental and natural slant to them. You may still see some of the food vendors and even musicians who accompany the traditional canal tours. In general though, these will be some of the most pristine and naturalist canal tours in the area.

Finding the actual launch site is easy from the parking area. Like most boat launches in Xohimilco, it can seem anarchistic, but here too, the canal boats are tightly regulated. Prices are a fixed flat-fee per boat per hour. And while some operators maintain a social media presence, the boat companies serve different boat launches on as-needed basis.

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